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Despite All, Plenty to Celebrate!

Updated: Sep 10, 2023

James Cooper Audiobook Just in Time for the Festive Season!

My collaboration with the talented narrator, Jacqueline Gomez, has been an absolute delight throughout the year! Together, we've brought the captivating world of "Pathway to the Stars: Part 3, James Cooper" to life in its audiobook form, and I'm thrilled to announce that it's now accessible on Audible, Amazon, and iTunes!

This Holiday Season, I'm filled with gratitude for the incredible opportunity to partner with the gifted artist, Iram Khan. Together, we've crafted fresh and unique designs for the remaining six books within the Pathway to the Stars series. I'm eager to hear your thoughts on these artistic transformations. Wishing each and every one of you a joyful holiday season!

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