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A Cosmic Legacy: From Earth to the Stars (Sci-fi Novel)

A Cosmic Legacy: From Earth to the Stars (Sci-fi Novel)

SKU: Series: Our Journey to the Cosmos

A Cosmic Legacy: From Earth to the Stars constructs the fictional Universe and introduces the Protagonists for follow-on stories. 


This Novel is a compilation of the twelve books that constitute the Pathway to the Stars series:


Part 1: Vesha Celeste

Part 2: Eliza Williams

Part 3: James Cooper

Part 4: Universal Party

Part 5: Amber Blythe

Part 6: Erin Carter

Part 7: Span of Influence

Part 8: Dreamy & Deep

Part 9: Allure & Spacecraft

Part 10: Sky Taylor

Part 11: A New Day

Part 12: Alpha Andromedae


“Our beautiful mother world ached for a reprieve from the injustices of many, courtesy of cultures and governance systems, that forgot how to love, include others, think beyond the scope of greed and power, and be kind, but within the visions of shared joy and well-being.”

~ Yesha Alevtina, to her audience in the Pathway organization


Eliza, Yesha, James, and a host of friendly heroes tackle some of the most significant dilemmas of the day. Together, they work to bring humanity out and into the stars with a legacy we would be proud to share with other civilizations- a legacy of kindness, mind-to-mind communication, love, and healing instead of harming. To overcome the “great expansion” and the death of all life, we must overcome minor challenges to progress and focus on even greater ones. Working with her team diligently, Eliza speeds the pace of society in her world, believing that beauty and untold potential are within every being. Eliza’s goals for the future of longevity, a collective and high quality of life with augmented clarity of mind, make the ability to span the Cosmos within our grasp.


Together, the heroes of Pathway take us on a fantastical and near-Utopian journey to get us out and into the farthest reaches of space. They even consider the longevity of our Sun and our Earth’s capacity to preserve life, so we can begin our most extensive quest--to help our Universe breathe ever so lightly.


No matter the challenge, there will always be an opportunity for more extraordinary pursuits!


      • eBook, Hardcover, Paperback

        eBook available on Amazon/Kindle, worldwide

        Hardcover available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble, worldwide 

        • Series: Our Journey to the Cosmos (Book 1)
        • Hardcover: 756 pages
        • Publisher: Matthew J Opdyke (September 22, 2019)
        • Language: English
        • ISBN-10: 1733313125
        • ISBN-13: 978-1733313124
        • Product Dimensions: 7 x 1.6 x 10 inches
        • Shipping Weight: 3.34 pounds

        Paperback is available on Amazon, worldwide

        • Series: Our Journey to the Cosmos (Book 1)
        • Paperback: 754 pages
        • Publisher: Matthew J. Opdyke (July 13, 2019)
        • Language: English
        • ISBN-10: 1733313117
        • ISBN-13: 978-1733313117
        • Product Dimensions: 7 x 1.74 x 10 inches
        • Shipping Weight: 2.9 pounds
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