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Pathway to the Stars: Part 6, Erin Carter (Series 6 of 12)

Pathway to the Stars: Part 6, Erin Carter (Series 6 of 12)

SKU: Series, Part 6, Erin Carter
This is the sixth in the Pathway to the Stars booklet series. Please enjoy Pathway to the Stars: Part 6, Erin Carter.
"Think back on all of the people you have appreciated most," her Father, Daniel, would caringly tell her. "Do you remember them more for what they looked like or how they treated you?"
~ Daniel Carter to his daughter, Erin
Yesha shows and teaches Vesha about a darling young girl and genius named Erin Carter. Working with Erin Carter is Amber Blythe's primary mission, which includes developing a cure for Hutchison-Gilford-Progeria Syndrome. What's more, she will need a dual cure. This must be something that will be immediate, using Pathway's biopods, and equally viable using legacy laboratories and systems, considered the highest tech in the public world. 
With the early signs of the diseases of aging taking a toll on young Erin, it is a race against time to ensure she can realize the full potential that Eliza Williams, the founder of Pathway, sees in her when it comes to loving and saving the Universe one scientific achievement and step at a time! Enjoy Erin's beginning journey in the sixth of a multi-story series called Pathway to the Stars!
This saga will continue with "Pathway to the Stars: Part 7, Span of Influence" (Series 7 of 12)


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