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Pathway to the Stars: Part 11, A New Day (Series 11 of 12)

Pathway to the Stars: Part 11, A New Day (Series 11 of 12)

SKU: Series, Part 11, A New Day

A New Day is the eleventh book in the Pathway to the Stars series.

"If we can love ourselves, we can truly understand what it means to love others and be kind. There is potential that lies within you and everyone else. It is a potential that has always been meant to exist, to bring something greater to this reality of life." 
~ Sky Taylor


Sky is the new hero who heals rather than harms those in need. She journeys with Erin Carter and Joanne Gallant, now Pathway's president and vice president. On their adventure, she shows them ways to heal the Earth and ourselves so that we can promote a healthier form of longevity and physiological optimization. 


To Sky, there is much we can do to prevent future disasters, but sometimes solutions can involve something as simple as a nice walk outside and around town. In this case, unfortunately, to help Joanne figure out the mystery behind her brother's murder.


Meanwhile, Eliza Williams and Yesha Alevtina continue their work for the success of the Universal Party. See where their efforts take them and how this will affect the United States, the World, and the mission to span the Cosmos!

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