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Pathway to the Stars: Part 8, Dreamy & Deep (Series 8 of 12)

Pathway to the Stars: Part 8, Dreamy & Deep (Series 8 of 12)

SKU: Series, Part 8, Dreamy & Deep

"This is it. This is humanity stepping it up and demonstrating to the Universe that we were ready to preserve life, reanimate it, and protect the Universe itself from the laws of uncontrolled chaos rather than destroy life or watch the Universe expand beyond repair."

~ Yesha Alevtina to her Pathway audience minutes before Vesha's awakening


Vesha has been through a lot of training in the Virtual Universe, but soon her time will come to return to the real world. Leading to this, her dear friend, Najem Grace, has long weighed in the prospects of physiological optimization yet has stayed in the hands of technology. Perhaps Vesha's outcome will help her decide; maybe it won't. So is this the new evolution? Or are we tempting fate?


Joanne Gallant, a musician with all the awards and the talent that goes with it, experiences life with deep questions. She wonders if there is more than this she can do beyond the applause and recognition. Where is Eliza Williams, the founder of Pathway, in all of this? How will she help both Najem and Joanne? Find out in this story!

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