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Pathway to the Stars: Part 9, Allure & Spacecraft (9 of 12)

Pathway to the Stars: Part 9, Allure & Spacecraft (9 of 12)

SKU: Series, Part 9, Allure & Spacecraft

"We cannot engage in human progression as solo artists, alone, and expect long-term and optimal results. While we can inspire momentum for a time while working diligently, ultimately, the laws of chaos will prevail unless we work together to preserve our world, our solar system, and our Universe."

~ Eliza Williams


Vesha has completed her Virtual Universe training and is now immersed in missions and callings as never before! Enjoy as she tackles issues where society seems muddled in the chains of self-bondage rather than moving forward with a bright and beautiful future for all. Finally, Joanne revisits a problem that can affect Eliza Williams' hopes for the future. Among Eliza's many goals within the Solar System related to space travel is constructing spacecraft just above Pluto!


Enjoy this Space Opera as Eliza continues her quest to nurture humanity into a space-faring, world-preserving, and Universe-exploring civilization! She believes that the most significant step toward moving forward is kindness, which is our greatest strength!

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